Saturday, December 4, 2010

Rich Chocolate Brownie

We had a thanks giving service at our Parish Centre, St Jude Catholic Church. After the service we had a small party. We are asking to bring a plate to join in. Mum made jellies. I made brownie. Mum suggested a simple and easy recipe for me. Mum helps me to do the chocolate ganache and cut it into small pieces. My catechism teacher Mrs King like it very much. She even ask the recipe from me.

I am using recipe from Hearty Bakes

me sifting flour and cocoa powder

breaking eggs, look easy but not really

mixing in the butter

add in the flour. It is hard to stir in.
mixing in the walnuts

pouring mixture into baking tin

the bowl is heavy, must do it carefully.

the most dangerous part is to put the tin in the oven. Me scared!

My first brownie

cutting into small pieces