Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Friends Tree

Yesterday I made a Friends Tree. It is called a Friends Tree because there are little spaces which I cut to write a name of a Friend! These are some pictures that I took with my friends tree.
I stuck the bottom bits to a square piece of paper a few minutes after so that it can be more stable! I hope that when you see it you go WOW! even though I know I can do a better one. Thanx!<3<3<3

I decided to write in a different colour today! Of course that is because I am HAPPY!!!!!!!! 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Christmas Lantern

I made a very special lantern at Christmas time! It was with an old Art teacher that everybody loved! The lantern does not glow but has streamers coming out of it so I hung it under the air conditioner! The teachers name is Mrs Klaver!
After Mrs Klaver got married she had a baby so she didn't come back until 2-3 years later. When she came back to school to start a new term after christmas... she got another BABY! Unfortunately she had to go back! 

I wonder if she is ever going to come back?

Envelope Holder

This is stuck on to a cupboard in our house using sticky tape! I made this so envelopes or postcards can be put in it. It will help my mum keep things clean I hope. Here is a picture I took! O:)

Origami Basket!!!

I made this little and cute basket for my Mum as a present. She loves it and uses it for her photos! i took a few photos of this paper basket by myself. Hope u will love it! :)